Back face of a Tarot card
Face of a The Hanged Man tarot card}

The Hanged Man

Represents surrender, sacrifice, and a change in perspective.

The Hanged Man is a major arcana tarot card that often represents surrender, sacrifice, and letting go. The imagery of the card typically depicts a figure hanging upside down from a tree or cross, with one leg crossed over the other. This position suggests a state of suspension, pause, and waiting.

In traditional interpretations, The Hanged Man can signify a need to let go of control, expectations, or attachments in order to gain new perspectives and insights. It may also suggest a willingness to make sacrifices or endure hardships for a greater purpose or spiritual growth.

This card can also suggest a sense of being stuck or in limbo, but reminds us that sometimes this pause can be beneficial for reflection and introspection. Overall, The Hanged Man is a card of surrender, patience, and acceptance, inviting us to release our grip on the known and embrace a new way of seeing and experiencing life.