Back face of a Tarot card
Face of a Strength tarot card}


Represents inner strength, courage, and overcoming obstacles.

Strength is one of the major arcana cards in a tarot deck, and it typically represents inner strength, courage, and resilience. The card often features a woman or a person holding a lion's head or taming a lion, symbolizing their ability to control their emotions and impulses through patience and understanding.

In a reading, Strength can suggest that the querent has the ability to face challenges with grace and confidence. It can also indicate that the querent will need to tap into their inner reserves of strength and determination to overcome obstacles or difficult situations. The card is often associated with the zodiac sign Leo, which shares similar traits of bravery and leadership.

Overall, Strength reminds us that true power comes from within and encourages us to have faith in our own abilities to handle whatever life throws our way.