Back face of a Tarot card
Face of a Seven of Swords tarot card}

Seven of Swords

Represents deception, strategy, and cunning.

The Seven of Swords is often associated with the theme of deception or trickery. It typically depicts a figure sneaking away with five swords in hand, leaving two behind. This can represent a desire to avoid confrontation or responsibility by avoiding direct conflict and taking the easy way out, even if it means deceiving others.

In a reading, the Seven of Swords may suggest that someone is being dishonest or manipulative, or that there is a need to be cautious about potential deception from others. It can also indicate a need to examine one's own motivations and whether they are acting with integrity. In some cases, it may also suggest the need to take a strategic or unconventional approach to achieve one's goals. Overall, the Seven of Swords encourages careful consideration of one's actions and motives, and a willingness to face challenges directly rather than resorting to deceitful tactics.