Back face of a Tarot card
Face of a King of Swords tarot card}

King of Swords

Represents authority, intellect, and clear thinking.

The King of Swords is a court card in the tarot deck that represents an intelligent, rational, and analytical person with a strong sense of justice and fairness. This king is seen as a wise leader who understands the importance of using logic and reason to make decisions that are fair and just for all.

The King of Swords often represents someone who is skilled at making difficult choices and solving complex problems. They are not easily swayed by emotions or personal biases but instead rely on their intellect and experience to guide them.

In a tarot reading, the King of Swords may signify a need to approach a situation with clarity and reason rather than allowing emotions to cloud judgment. It can also indicate the need for a strong leader or authority figure to step in and bring order to a chaotic situation.

Overall, the King of Swords is a powerful symbol of leadership, intelligence, and fairness in the tarot deck.