Back face of a Tarot card
Face of a Four of Pentacles tarot card}

Four of Pentacles

Represents holding onto resources or possessions out of fear of losing them.

The Four of Pentacles in Tarot generally represents a sense of possession and control over one's material possessions. This card often depicts a figure who is holding onto four pentacles tightly, symbolizing the need for security and stability.

At times, the Four of Pentacles can also indicate a fear of losing what one has gained, which can lead to a lack of generosity and an unwillingness to share resources with others.

In relationships, this card may suggest a need for boundaries or a reluctance to open up emotionally due to past hurts or fears of vulnerability.

Overall, the Four of Pentacles encourages its recipient to consider their relationship with money and material possessions, and whether they are holding onto them out of fear or a genuine desire for stability and security.